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20 DECEMBER 2012
CI International, a company that makes bags and luggage, has released a new website

CI International, a company that makes bags and luggage, has released a new website, . This is the website of the Chinese company that produces handbags, suitcases, and a whole range of bags and makes them available for sale in China.

There are a lot of things being made in China that have become really popular. When the boom for electronics came around, people started looking for electronics made in China. Along with this, there was a boom in demand for Chinese clothing and bags as well. Since then, a lot of Chinese companies have been making their products available in the international markets for luggage, bags and even clothing.

CI International is a big luggage supplier. They manufacture the luggage and also accept orders for custom bags. One would be able to ask them to specifically make a bag for them as well. They produce a lot of high quality export handbags and suitcases. The company also makes backpacks, laptop bags, etc.

CI international was started in 1999 and their own words, they have been striving to provide high quality, non- hazardous bags for their customers since then. They comply with all the safety and social norms existing within the country as well. One might have a huge need for luggage or bags, but usually, they might be expensive to purchase from the shops. If one wishes to save money on the same, they could just head out to the website and buy some China made bags for themselves from the website.

The company has been keeping up with all the recent trends so one need not worry about being far off from the current trends in bags in their own country. The company makes custom bags, so in fact, one would be carrying bags that are bag manufacturer quiet unique. Since the company has met all the required standards in the country and is registered, one need not worry about the quality of the bags that one would get.

One could just take a look at the catalogue at to find out if they would wish to own any of the bags there.

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