Esco Imports Offers Non-Profit Discounts

30 NOVEMBER 2013
Esco Imports, a leading importer and distributor of toys and novelty items, now offers a substantial discount on orders for schools, churches and non-profit groups.

San Antonio, Texas - When it comes to toy gun distributors and purveyors of wholesale toys, it is hard to find a bigger selection than that of Esco Imports. Now, the leading toy wholesalers based in San Antonio, Texas, are offering substantial discounts to non-profit groups just in time for the holidays.

Esco offers a 10 percent discount to any non-profit organization who can show proof of 501(c)(3) status. The wholesale novelty distributors at Esco have a firm commitment to providing affordable toys for groups such as schools, churches and civic organizations that often buy in bulk to supply fundraisers or charity drives. In this regard, the San Antonio wholesale toy distributors at Esco Imports have made it possible for non-profit organizations to save significant money on their wholesale toy orders.

Non-profit groups interested in receiving the discounts can simply contact Esco Imports at their website, , for an easy-to-complete form. This form can be emailed or faxed to Esco Imports and usually receives a 24-hour turnaround approval time. Once the group is approved for a discount as a non-profit organization, the group receives a special discount code. This code can be used with every order placed after that date on wholesale toys for fundraisers, charity drives, prizes for contests, distribution to the needy and other uses.

Esco Imports is dedicated to providing non-profit organizations with the items they need to make their efforts successful and at a price that makes it easy for them to secure the quantities they need for their purposes. With a ten percent non-profit discount added to the already low wholesale toy prices offered by Esco Imports, groups can now afford to get the toys they need for their programs at a price that they can afford.

About Esco Imports:

Esco Import Toys is a major wholesale toy and novelty distributor located in San Antonio, Texas. Esco Import Toys offers wholesale toy sales to retail establishments, non-profit groups, doctors and dentists for children and others who rely on a steady, varied supply of quality toy items. Esco Import Toys offers whole and batch toys of all types for boys, girls and children of all age groups.

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