Relax With An Autumn Live Wallpaper On Your Android Device

01 DECEMBER 2013
Learn How Autumn Live Wallpapers Will Improve Your Enthusiasm

According to PimpDROID- -Free Android Live Wallpapers, suitable relaxation will have a calming influence on the human minds. That is why they have come out with an app for turning Android devices into snow globes of the Fall Season. They urge the Android users to have a beautiful falling leaves live wallpaper on their devices by downloading their app. Users can shake and tilt their devices to watch the leafs falling from the plants and trees. PimpDROID- -Free Android Live Wallpapers says that by watching such beautiful images, these Android users will feel rejuvenated.

PimpDROID- -Free Android Live Wallpapers ARGE adds that those who download this app are prudent because there are many other benefits also out of it. In addition to relaxing by watching the images and by having a stroll outside inhaling the autumn air, they can make use of the app and choose to have many other configuration options also. These options will help them have various HD wallpaper backgrounds.

They can also set different velocities, water-ripple effects, transitions and intervals on the autumn live wallpaper image they have chosen. They can change the viewing perspectives, the gravity, size, texture and shape of the leafs that are discarded by the trees according to their tastes.

PimpDROID- -Free Android Live Wallpapers ARGE continues to add that users can choose other themes like the Halloween and Thanksgiving images or backgrounds also. The company says that it is an accelerometer that is used in the app for detecting the shaking and tilting of the devices in order to bring out suitable reactions on the live wallpaper. This means if the users shake or tilt the devices vigorously, the waves will be proportionately large and the speed of swirling of the leafs will be fast. If the users shake the devices in a gentle manner, the leafs will move or fall slowly.

PimpDroid- -Free Android Live Wallpapers ARGE asserts that the mental relaxation got from watching these wallpapers will liberate people from the stress they face in their daily lives. They can even find concrete and workable solutions for their problems.

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PimpDroid- -Free Android Live Wallpapers ARGE has brought out an app with which Android users can download stylish and beautiful live wallpapers on their devices. This app comes with a number of configuration options also.

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