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02 DECEMBER 2013
This application helps parents take proper steps to maintain the health of their children by monitoring their weight

USA - A majority of the parents try to express their love for their children by giving them chocolates and other sweet dishes. An unhealthy lifestyle may result in the occurrence of many diseases related to weight. Weight Loss Programs Downloads has developed a BMI Calculator for Kids, which ensures providing accurate results within a few minutes. This application can be downloaded easily from the website powered by CNET.

A satisfied user of the BMI Calculator for Kids says, “I love this app. I am always confused about the body mass index of my kids. I didn’t know how much calories I should give them a day so that they grow up fit and healthy until I had this program. It is very informative and helpful.”

The BMI Calculator for Kids can be easily installed on computers without much effort, and for the rest of their life parents as well as children can benefit from it. Users are required to provide information related to the height, weight, birth date and gender of the child to obtain the accurate results. After inputting the right parameters, the software tool will display the BMI of the child along with the range in which the kid falls.

The website says, “Child BMI Calculator is designed to look appealing for the kid—after you show him how to do it, he can check his BMI by himself. If you make him understand the importance of these things right now, he won’t have to learn it the hard way in the future.”

The specifications for the BMI Calculator for Kids listed on the website include version 1.0 and file size 767 K. Complete details of specifications, features and applications regarding this unique software program are provided on the website for new users.

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