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03 DECEMBER 2013
This software developed by Convert Audio Free changes OGG files to MP3 formats

USA – OGG file formats contain samples of audio compressed with an audio encoding algorithm called Vorbis. But, a number of audio players do not support this file format and, as a result, users need to convert OGG files to the format of MP3. Convert Audio Free offers the Free OGG to MP3 Converter through the website This application has a simple user interface and carries out the corresponding functions effectively without any issues.

A user of the Free OGG to MP3 Converter says, “I used to spend too much on buying high standard converting software used for my career, and I assumed it to be a waste of money. Since then, I have used this app for my purpose because it can generate the same quality output without costing any sum of money.”

The OGG to MP3 Converter software displays files with an OGG file extension. Users are required to input the correct directory in order to convert OGG files to MP3 conveniently. In addition, options for editing the names of converted files are also available in this application.

The new software app from Convert Audio Free is compatible with operating systems like Windows 7/8/98, Windows 2000/2003, Windows Me/NT, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. Other specifications and valuable features of this unique application are made available to new users through the website

The website says, “Always make sure that you download a copy of the software that is compatible with your operating system, otherwise it will be useless. You can easily access all the files after the process is complete; it is advisable to test them to make sure that their quality has been maintained.”

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