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03 DECEMBER 2013
This software tool is designed to meet the specific needs of students as well as teachers

USA - Numerous students find it extremely difficult to learn the complex formulas in Physics. These formulas range from simple to highly complicated and confusing mathematical equations. Mastering them is not an easy task. The computations in this subject include thermodynamics, prefixes, units, symbols and so on. Free Math Calculator has developed a unique piece of software called Physics Formulas to offer solutions to problems related to Physics.

A satisfied user of Free Physics Formulas says, “This is the best choice for calculating physics. It has a good skin that is easy for using and with a quick speed of working it saves a lot of time.”

Free Physics Formulas appears to carry almost all relevant formulas applied for studies in schools and other educational institutions. It also contains a number of main categories and their subcategories. Users will get access to the appropriate formula sheets for calculating Physics problems. The developer guarantees that the formula sheets provide accurate results, as it has been designed carefully by well-qualified and experienced software professionals.

The website says, “You won’t have any trouble understanding the formulas and you can easily copy them and you can immediately start your computations. This is really a must-have for every Physics teacher and student.”

Apart from a user-friendly interface, Free Physics Formulas is said to be designed with beautiful color backgrounds and font size. offers this software with various specifications and features. In addition, Free Physics Formulas is compatible with almost all versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems. New customers can download this app after reading the reviews and suggestions from existing users, which are given on the website.

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