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03 DECEMBER 2013
This application enables users to determine whether they are spending or saving money

USA – People who are looking forward to refinance or purchase property can download the Mortgage Calculator via the website Download.com. This useful software program has been created by Media Freeware to help individuals determine their financial position, in order to plan in advance for taking loans. The Free Mortgage Calculator evaluates the amount a mortgage of property will cost to a person over the loan period.

A satisfied user of the Free Mortgage Calculator says, “This program is the best choice for you to find information about mortgage rate property financing. You should use it to plan your financing, take a few minutes to download and install it. It makes it easy for you to become a good investor.”

The Mortgage Calculator will ask for information like property insurance, start date, loan term, fixed interest rate, loan purpose, loan amount, credit profile and home value, in order to give accurate results. It is also a smart mortgage calculator for taxes. The calculator reveals total monthly payments, total number of required payments, value based on installments, interest paid, PMI and so on.

The website says, “The Mortgage Calculator operates in one concise screen presenting all the necessary information. There is no need to make sense of unneeded and complicated information; this is an excellent home loan mortgage calculator.”

Users of this application are guaranteed to get an overview of the obligations related to their mortgage payments. Interested parties can download this app easily from the website Download.com powered by CNET. Full information about specification, features and application along with operating system requirements is made available to assist new users. Reviews and comments from existing users posted on the site are also helpful to customers.

To get more information about the Free Mortgage Calculator, visit http://download.cnet.com/Free-Mortgage-Calculator/3000-2056_4-75984894.html

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