King James Bible software proves to be a handy reading tool

31 DECEMBER 2013
Software features easy ‘make and store bookmarks’

The Holy book of the Bible is one of the widely read books of all times. That said getting through the chapters in the conventional book format takes a lot of time. But, now with the King James Bible software one can achieve the same without having to spend a lot of time. For those who are busy most days of the week and for whom time is a luxury, this is the perfect software to have in their computers and mobile devices.

Sometimes, the reader wishes to seek certain chapters or prophecies from the Bible and without a proper contents table, this task is close to impossible. For those who want to make notes and prepare from these chapters, getting access to desired content is very important. The King James Bible software has special features which let the reader search for specific parts of the Bible using the search option. This is a great option to have for those who are always on the go.

Another feature that is a highlight of this software is the ability to create and store bookmarks for future use. This is a very unique option to have as this gives readers a chance to get to their planned chapters quickly and without much effort. The software has tried to emulate the actual reading experience by maintaining a very user friendly format that is also easy to view.

This software comes from the breed of high quality reading software that make reading an engaging experience. And, considering the fact that this software is free for download is a very good reason to give it a try. To know more, log onto

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